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Uzzi - Lusahn Command n Conquer of Zingora
Uzzi - Lusahn Command n Conquer of Zingora
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Uzzi - Lusahn Command n Conquer of Zingora

Uzzi is a biblical name meaning "the Lord is my strength"

Uzzi was made in Holland and born in South Africa! His mother was flown from Holland to Cape Town, South Africa carrying very precious cargo. On September 27 2004 she presented the world with four beautiful young pups, one of which was our Uzzi. Uzzi now lives with five females in his life - four of the canine species and one human! In November 2008 he became the proud 'papa' of eleven puppies! He was mated to two of the girls in his life, Skye, who had four pups, two boys and two girls and Mika who presented us with seven lovely little girls.

In April 2010 Uzzi once again sired another litter with Skye, two girls and one boy. Uzzi has proven to be a really wonderful ‘dad’….showing incredible tolerance with all his progeny. Once the pups are about four weeks old we ‘allow’ them to ‘run’ with their dad….and despite all the jumping, kissing, pulling of the tail and ears Uzzi remains calm and kind. It is truly a wonderful sight to see this big strong bully quietly stand and watch the antics of these ‘squirming bundles of energy’ all around him.

Uzzi is a wonderful bully - he has a stunning temperament and definitely reigns as king of his castle. He is well socialised with both canines and humans, large and small.He is gentle of nature but strong of stature. He fares relatively well in the show ring but this is not his forte, he would much prefer to be with his family either romping with the children or just lounging on the couch!

Pedigree for Lusahn Command n Conquer of Zingora

Int Ch Grisse Basse Hanky Panky

Kmp.JW.'96,Noors. Kamp. Quest Thunderstruck Imp (Noorw.) HD- NKK19382/95 JW.96

Nobody is Perfect von der Alten Veste D.Ch., Nu Ch, Su Ch

Quest Grazee Georgette Ch., Su Ch

Quest Porcile Pura Imp (Noorw.)NKK24565/94

Turkshead Duncan of Widgery Ch., Su Ch

Quest Quiz Queen Ch. Int. Ch. Nu Ch.

Grisse Basse Kykeli Kokkos of Lusahn

Quest Abdelazar Imp (Noorw) NKK 11310/97 Noors, Zweed

Quest Undertaker Oscar

Quest Grazee Georgette Ch., Su Ch

Grisse Basse Grisse Grine

Nl Ch Pollyssa's Magic Michael

Grisse Basse Anxious to Meet

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