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Sunday, 06 February 2011 09:20

Moon - Zingora's Moonstone

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Moon, our 'ditsy blonde' was the first born of a litter of eight (4 girls and 4 boys) chubby bully pups! She is a hyperactive, smiling girl, with a continuous wagging tail - at times we wonder when she is going to 'take off' with that whirring propeller like tail!  She is an extremely ardent fan of water - loves swimming in the sea, playing with the hose pipe and when it's too chilly to indulge in these past times she will happily carry her big black Kong around in that big smiley mouth of hers.

Moon is also a very competent flirt!  She seems to sense immediately when someone needs reassurance that bullies are actually very affectionate creatures and will do her utmost to charm her way into someone's heart.  Her many ploys include lying next to that person, putting her pretty head onto the chest and just stare lovingly into their eyes!  Inevitably she gets what she wants, a cuddle, gentle stroking and tickling of the tummy - but beware - should you stop all this activity she will certainly let you know that you need to continue!  Once again this shows the amenable temperament of our bullies.  Sadly, despite several attempts, Moon was never destined to be a bully mum.  She is now spayed and her constant companion is Uzzi!

Sunday, 06 February 2011 09:19

Skye - Grisse Basse Starlight Girl

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In February 2007 I attended the Major Trophy Show in the UK. What an experience!Even better was the fact that I met up with Skye’s grandfather, the renowned Kalsar Sweet William and what a sweet boy he is!; After the trophy show I flew over to the Netherlands to visit with Brigitte and Paul of the Grisse Basse kennels and of course, to collect little Grisse Basse Starlight Girl! Skye was the smallest in the litter but surely has the biggest heart and a most wonderful sense of humour. She flew in the cabin with me all the way from Amsterdam in Holland, over to Munich in Germany and then onto Cape Town in South Africa.Hence her name Skye at the tender age of 8 weeks she was already a well seasoned traveller!

She has the wonderful Dutch temperament and fits well into my small kennel.In November 2008 she presented us with four beautiful little pups, two boys, two girls and despite it being her maiden litter turned out to be the most incredible mother. 
In April 2010 Skye once again blessed our home with another litter, this time two girls and one boy, all of them white. The sire of both litters is Uzzi (Lusahn Command ‘n Conquer of Zingora). All her pups have inherited not only the parents’ good looks but also the temperament!
In October 2012 Skye was mated to Newman (Piketberg Warrior Awesome) and we were blessed with seven beautiful little bully pups, four girls and three boys!  Once again Skye bestowed her wonderful temperament and loving nature onto all the pups! Skye has now also joined the ‘retired ladies club’ and enjoys a relaxed life with her kennel sisters Mika and Moon!

Pedigree for Grisse Basse Starlight Girl of Zingora

Quest Pomeroy (Ned) Ch Quest T Rex Quest Excalibur
Quest Irresistible
Quest Regina Renegade Frode av Rootenstock
Grisse Basse Easy Going Questa
Quest Heritage de Grisse Basse (Ned)

Kalsar Sweet William

Ch.Lux. Swed.Ch

Ned & Int Ch Grisse Basse Charming White Devil  JW '98 Belg., Noors Kamp

Kingsline Miranda of Kalsar
Quest Pistolette Quest Excalibur
Quest Surprise Surprise


Sunday, 06 February 2011 09:19

Mika - Lusahn Desert Rose of Zingora

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Bright-eyed and wagging tailed, 8 month old very vocal tweeny-bopper Mika came to the Zingora kennels for a short ‘vacation’ – and never left! She had slightly injured her leg whilst playing with her other young kennel mates at her birth place, Lusahn Kennels, and as they were pressed for space at the time came to us for a ‘rest’.

A few weeks later young Mika, now completely sound again, had integrated herself so well into our group and of course, by then we had totally fallen in love with her!  So she stayed and became part of our small group.
Mika loves everyone – human and canine! Her favourite ‘thing’ in life is shoes – she doesn’t chew them, she just carries them around all over the place and then leaves them lying around for her kennel mates to chew!  So, should you visit our kennels, please do not leave your shoes lying around!  You will definitely have to go home barefoot.
In November 2008 Mika and Uzzi (Lusahn Command ‘n Conquer of Zingora) blessed us with seven beautiful little girls – one solid red, two brindles, one black brindle and three tri-colours.  Initially she was quite amazed and intrigued by these seven squirming little creatures but very soon her maternal instinct surfaced and was a caring and loving bully mum!  All her pups have inherited the parents’ amenable temperament and there was never an ill ‘yap’ or ‘nip’ between them.
In April 2010 Mika  and  Google (Zingora Canis Major) presented us with two most beautiful brindle girls. Once again Mika nurtured her pups with much love and care.
Mika has now ‘retired’ from the bully mum clan and has a leasurely life of eating, sleeping, doing a little romp in the garden with her kennel sister, Skye, and generally being loved and lounging on the couch! 
Pedigree for Lusahn Desert Rose of Zingora
Lusahn Top Secret Gent Int Ch Grisse Basse Hany Panky Kamp JW '96 Noors Kamp Quest Thunderstruck (Imp Norway)
Quest Porcile Pura (Imp Norway)
Grisse Basse Kykkeli Kokkos of Lusahn (Imp Ned Quest Abdelazar (Imp Norway)
Grisse Basse Grisse Grine
Napier Hallmark of Lusahn (Imp UK) Ch (UK) Flashpoint Inferno at Kilacabar Ch (UK) Kilacabar Stand and Deliver
Staray's Blue Savannah of Kilacabar
Willeve Ruby Red Dancer at Napier Jamies Bright Star at Ishaba
Napier Quintessential of Willeve
Saturday, 05 February 2011 20:07

Uzzi - Lusahn Command n Conquer of Zingora

Written by

Uzzi is a biblical name meaning "the Lord is my strength"

Uzzi was made in Holland and born in South Africa! His mother was flown from Holland to Cape Town, South Africa carrying very precious cargo. On September 27 2004 she presented the world with four beautiful young pups, one of which was our Uzzi. Uzzi now lives with five females in his life - four of the canine species and one human! In November 2008 he became the proud 'papa' of eleven puppies! He was mated to two of the girls in his life, Skye, who had four pups, two boys and two girls and Mika who presented us with seven lovely little girls.

In April 2010 Uzzi once again sired another litter with Skye, two girls and one boy. Uzzi has proven to be a really wonderful ‘dad’….showing incredible tolerance with all his progeny. Once the pups are about four weeks old we ‘allow’ them to ‘run’ with their dad….and despite all the jumping, kissing, pulling of the tail and ears Uzzi remains calm and kind. It is truly a wonderful sight to see this big strong bully quietly stand and watch the antics of these ‘squirming bundles of energy’ all around him.

Uzzi is a wonderful bully - he has a stunning temperament and definitely reigns as king of his castle. He is well socialised with both canines and humans, large and small.He is gentle of nature but strong of stature. He fares relatively well in the show ring but this is not his forte, he would much prefer to be with his family either romping with the children or just lounging on the couch!

Pedigree for Lusahn Command n Conquer of Zingora

Int Ch Grisse Basse Hanky Panky

Kmp.JW.'96,Noors. Kamp. Quest Thunderstruck Imp (Noorw.) HD- NKK19382/95 JW.96

Nobody is Perfect von der Alten Veste D.Ch., Nu Ch, Su Ch

Quest Grazee Georgette Ch., Su Ch

Quest Porcile Pura Imp (Noorw.)NKK24565/94

Turkshead Duncan of Widgery Ch., Su Ch

Quest Quiz Queen Ch. Int. Ch. Nu Ch.

Grisse Basse Kykeli Kokkos of Lusahn

Quest Abdelazar Imp (Noorw) NKK 11310/97 Noors, Zweed

Quest Undertaker Oscar

Quest Grazee Georgette Ch., Su Ch

Grisse Basse Grisse Grine

Nl Ch Pollyssa's Magic Michael

Grisse Basse Anxious to Meet