How Safe Are Rawhide Dog Chews?

no-rawhide-homeRawhide is absolutely one of the most dangerous treats that you can give to your Bull Terrier. Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers and pet stores still do very well at selling the product. But because there are a lot of uninformed consumers, the sale of rawhide products will likely continue. However, because you are informed of the dangers of rawhide chews, it is best to never allow your pet to eat or chew them.

Once your Bull Terrier ingests the rawhide, not only has he ingested several harmful chemicals, but the rawhide also expands in his stomach. When this happens, it can block major passageways in the digestive tract; which can lead to a fatal situation. In addition, rawhide poses a major choking hazard because as your dog chews it, the pieces break down into shards which can become lodged in the throat.

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