Conditioning your Bull Terrier

Bob_Martin1Contains Vitamin A which promotes good bone development, healthy growth and strong teeth. With vitamins of the B group to promote a glossy coat and healthy teeth, and to aid digestion. Vitamin D which is essential for normal canine and feline growth and for the development of healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin E will alleviate deficiencies associated with muscle weakness and an impaired immune response.

Dogs need strong teeth, a healthy coat and good digestion. In short, your dog needs everything that makes for peak physical condition. The Bob Martin range, trusted since 1892, offers the most complete solution for healthy pets. During certain life stages and periods, a pet will encounter various ailments which will affect their health. It is therefore recommended that such ailments are treated immediately or advice from a veterinarian be sought.

Zingora Bull Terriers recommends Bob Martin Condition Tablets for your Bull Terrier.

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