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Food Allergies

Some Bull Terrier owners battle allergies of some kind on a seasonal basis and the source of various ailments owners say occasionally stem from food.  In the survey, twenty six percent of respondents said “Yes,” that they had good reason to believe their dogs were allergic to some food ingredients, but there was little or no consensus on the root causes.  Fifteen percent of respondents said they didn’t know if they were battling allergic reactions to food, but suspect they are dealing with some sort of food ingredient allergy.Ten respondents said they were not aware of any type of allergy in their dogs.  The survey unfortunately provided very little information on this troubling issue for some owners.

The consensus of opinion across the Bull Terrier suggests that these dogs tend to thrive on a combination of Barf and store-bought ingredients as the basis of their diet.  Most owners surveyed, regardless of feeding Barf or exclusively store-bought, include some type of raw bone, raw vegetables and fruit.  And most use some form of oil and vitamin supplement.

The best diet for your Bull Terrier will inevitably result from experimentation with different foods, raw and store bought, and close monitoring of your dog’s weight, activity levels and especially coat and skin condition.  Symptoms like incessant scratching and itching, especially the paws, can indicate some type of allergic reaction, when in actuality these conditions, dry itchy skin, hair loss and irritated paws, are sometimes caused by nutritional deficiencies.  Diagnosing a problem isn’t always about removing an item from the animal’s diet, but including one that’s missing.

Although this survey produced a great amount of variation in specific ingredients, it’s clear that these dogs live up to their reputation as canine “garbage disposals” and that they eat practically anything, including leaves, broom handles and various types of plastic lawn furniture, toys and what not.

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