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Toys for Bull Terriers

ExtremeLargeBecause Bull Terriers have a very strong urge to chew, it is important to  provide them appropriate toys such as Nylabones, Plaque Attackers and  Kong toys, with supervision.

Other brands or rawhides and soft toys can  be broken, swallowed or lodged in the throat.


Bull Terriers will also ingest other "toys" such as socks,underwear,  pieces of blanket, various forms of rubber, plastic, metal screening and  children's toys. Any of these items can cause an obstruction in the  lower intestine. If you notice symptoms such as depression, lethargy,  vomiting, diarrhea or lack of appetite, contact your veterinarian  immediately. Your Bull Terrier may have a blockage.

 Zingora Bull Terriers recommends a Kong Extreme toy for your Bull Terrier.

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