Male Bull Terriers

Zingora Bull Terrier Stud Dogs, we currently have two proven studs. Uzzi, he has a stunning temperament and definitely reigns as king of his castle. Google, loves the beach and has great fun 'biting' the surf and skipping around in the little waves

Chancho - Zingora's Just A Breeze




Pedigree for Chancho - Zingora's Just A Breeze

Lusahn Command n Conquer of Zingora Int Ch Grisse Basse Hanky Panky Kmp.JW.'96,Noors. Kamp. Quest Thunderstruck Imp (Noorw.) HD- NKK19382/95 JW.96
Quest Porcile Pura Imp (Noorw.)NKK24565/94

Grisse Basse Kykeli Kokkos of Lusahn

Quest Abdelazar Imp (Noorw) NKK 11310/97 Noors, Zweed

Grisse Basse Grisse Grine

Grisse Basse Starlight Girl of Zingora (Imp Netherlands)

Quest Pomeroy

Quest T Rex Ch

Quest Regina Renegade

Quest Heritage de GrisseBasse (Imp Norway)

Kalsar Sweet William Ch., Lux Swd Ch

Quest Pistolette

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