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Zingora Bull Terrier Stud Dogs, we currently have two proven studs.

  1. Uzzi, he has a stunning temperament and definitely reigns as king of his castle.
  2. Google, loves the beach and has great fun 'biting' the surf and skipping around in the little waves
Tuesday, 25 December 2012 12:12

Chancho - Zingora's Just A Breeze

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Pedigree for Chancho - Zingora's Just A Breeze

Lusahn Command n Conquer of Zingora Int Ch Grisse Basse Hanky Panky Kmp.JW.'96,Noors. Kamp. Quest Thunderstruck Imp (Noorw.) HD- NKK19382/95 JW.96
Quest Porcile Pura Imp (Noorw.)NKK24565/94

Grisse Basse Kykeli Kokkos of Lusahn

Quest Abdelazar Imp (Noorw) NKK 11310/97 Noors, Zweed

Grisse Basse Grisse Grine

Grisse Basse Starlight Girl of Zingora (Imp Netherlands)

Quest Pomeroy

Quest T Rex Ch

Quest Regina Renegade

Quest Heritage de GrisseBasse (Imp Norway)

Kalsar Sweet William Ch., Lux Swd Ch

Quest Pistolette